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“Please keep our mountain air fresh. Your smoke ruins it for us”

A139E7A8-4230-4BD5-9BD2-441861094A20Did you know the smoke that smokers exhale and the smoke from an idle burning cigarette is harmful to your health? This smoke is called second-hand smoke and it has 4000 chemicals in it. It has been well established that there is no safe level of exposure to second-hand smoke.

It is known to cause lung disease, heart disease, cancer, respiratory illnesses and host of other serious conditions in non-smokers, including children.

Please do your part to eliminate second-hand smoke and protect the health of those who use the mountains!

Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) is making an effort to work with local mountains to encourage them to develop a smoke-free policy in order to protect the health of their staff and the public.  Vancouver Coastal Health commends Grouse Mountain for developing a smoke-free policy which has been in effect since 2008!!  Let’s hope the other mountains follow in Grouse Mountain’s footsteps!


Whatever the reason for smoking, there are many better reasons to quit. Former smokers live longer than those who continue to smoke. In fact, within 48 hours of quitting, lungs start to work better, food starts to taste better and the chance of heart attack starts to decrease. Within a year of quitting, the risk of smoking-related heart attack decreases by 50%. Within 10 years of quitting smoking, the risk of dying from lung cancer is cut in half.

Save Money!

A pack-a-day smoker will spend more than $3,600 a year on cigarettes. Over 5 years, this total increases to more than $18,000!

Free Support!

Most people who smoke would like to be free of cigarettes. However, the highly addictive nature of cigarettes can make quitting a challenging task. Fortunately, there are a number of excellent supports such as FREE nicotine gum and patches that are available to B.C. residents who want to stop smoking!

Check out Healthlink 811

quitnowlogoDid you know your chances of quitting are DOUBLED if you use nicotine replacement 
therapy such as nicotine patch or gum in combination with counseling? Online peer support, text-based support, counselling, resources and contests are all available to you for FREE!

Check out or call 1.877.455.2233

There has never been a better time to get healthy and join the thousands of British Columbians who will quit smoking for good this year!

For more information, contact Vancouver Coastal Health Tobacco Reduction at

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