Know that some videos are very graphic!  Also, there are some good videos that you will want to view especially those by

Event Videos

Check out out these videos from our events:


The folks at Still Blowing Smoke have made some snappy 30-second clips on e-cigarettes – check them out:

What could go wrong

YouTube Preview Image


Gonna getcha

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The Truth

Steve – Throat Cancer


Gruen – Cancer at 17


Unsweetened Truth


The Ontario Ministry of Health’s “Quit the Denial” Campaign

The following videos from the Ontario’s Ministry of Health’s new public awareness campaign shed a new light on people’s claim to social smoking and how ridiculous it really is.

The Social Farter


The Social Nibbler


The Social Earwax-Picker

A Video in Memory of Heather Crowe

Source:Health Canada, 2009.  Reproduced with permission from Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada©, represented by the Minister of Health, 2013.